Let make this perfectly clear

Our dreams, are your nightmares.


Please read the rules page, so we can all have a safe and fun time.

  • Admission

    $8.00 or $ 6.00 with a canned good.
     We are now accepting credit cards.
     If you are in the military, police, fire department, or work at a hospital, we are giving you a $2.00 discount this year! You must have your employee ID for the discount. (only one discount applies)
  • Location

    We are located at the Fine Arts building on the south side of the W.H. Lyon Fair ground.
  • Times

    We are open from October 16th thru the 31st. Please check the times page for a complete listing dates and times.


    Kids day Coloring contes pages        Ages 1-4       Page 1   Page 2

                                                                              Ages 4-8       Page 1   Page 2

                                                        Ages 9-13     Page 1   Page 2


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